Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Husband Needs to Acquaint Himself With The Dressingroom

This has happened to us all: you pick up something in the store in your size and, in a rush or just out of laziness, you don't try it on because it must fit you because you picked out your size. Only you have failed to take into consideration the fact that maybe you have been working out, maybe there is some post-holiday bloat, maybe you like Key Lime Pie a little too much. Whatever. Your size is not your size anymore and that item that you just ripped the tags off of and no longer have the receipt for is now unwearable and a reminder that you can be such a lazy halfwit sometimes. Dang.

My husband has this problem, and the last few things he has bought himself have been WAY. TOO. SMALL.

Cool T-shirt bought at Brick Lane: SKINTIGHT.
New running shoes bought in Malaysia: TOECRAMPING.
Brand new golf shorts bought last week: WAISTCINCHING.

He lives in a size fantasy world. You know what I mean. I am afraid he will pull an incredible hulk or a fat-guy-in-a-little-coat. Or just split his pants. I split my pants once doing some booty dancing, but it was totally not the same thing. Their structural integrity had been compromised.

So what does this mean for me? Me me me. It means I have to undertake a task I am not excited about: letting his shorts out. Grr. Mindless sewing tasks.

I still haven't resized the pattern for the Orange Linen Wrap Dress. I have no idea what I have been doing with my time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Question About Interfacing Placement

I have decided to go with the orange linen for the Advance pattern. I am making view 2, with sleeves, as I suspect we will end up in London and it is more practical for a place with perpetually crap weather. Plus, I do not have enough of this orange linen to make the sleeveless dress, which is odd, considering that they have the same facings but view one lacks sleeves, but who am I to argue? 

On to my question.

I bought fusible interfacing, and since this is technically a wrap dress, the front right bodice and skirt are interfaced. However the instructions are technically for non-fusible interfacing, and the   Joann's I was forced to shop at did not appear to have non-fusible interfacing, and it also lacked staff that had any sewing knowledge to assist me. Grrr. I digress. The pattern instructions say to sew the interfacing first to the edges of the front bodice. Then, the actual un-interfaced facings are sewn on top of the interfacing, sandwiching it in between the bodice and facing. 

Now, could I also fuse it to the wrong side of the actual facing, and then sew the facing to the bodice? Or is it better to follow the instructions? 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally, A "New" Machine Was Found!

This is my machine for while we are in Florida. I was lucky enough to find it for $40 on Cragislist. It is a Husqvarna Viking Huskystar E20. The previous owner said she sewed a single curtain hem, put it in the box, and never used it again. Practically new! I don't know if this is a quality machine or not, but since we don't know how long we will be here in Florida, and I will not be able to use a US machine in the UK, I didn't want to spring for a higher end machine. I think this will do nicely, as I am sure it is nicer than the craptastic Singer Tradition I was using in Bahrain.

I brought a few things with me but will need to hit up Joann or maybe WalMart for some supplies.

I will likely make a dress (in what can only be described as a shocking turn of events) from one of these patterns:

These are the two fabric choices.

I'm thinking the Vogue or Advance in purple, and the mail order in orange.

What do you guys think?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soaking Up The Florida Sun

We are back in the States, and it feels great to be amongst civilization again, albeit a grey-haired one. We are finally unpacked in the condo and getting ourselves settled in for our stay.

I am excited to get back into sewing, and a trip to get supplies and a machine is on the agenda for tomorrow. I brought some things with me, including a few flat-pattern drafting books (Joan is in a storage facility in Bahrain; poor thing), some vintage patterns, and a few pieces of fabric (you may remember the green, purple and orange fabrics from Malaysia and the printed silk charmeuse from Bahrain).

I hope to have some actual sewing related posts soon.

Stay tuned, and thanks for sticking around!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Some Pics From New Orleans. I Love That Town.

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